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Monel Woven Wire Mesh - Alkali and Acid Resistance

Similar to the inconel woven wire mesh, the monel woven wire mesh is also a type of woven wire mesh, which is manufactured from nickel-based alloy material. Monel is the alloy of nickel, copper and other chemical elements. According to different chemical elements, the monel woven wire mesh has Monel alloy 400 and monel alloy K500 materials.

Alloy 400 has outstanding corrosion resistance property in the flowing sea water. It can also resist to stress corrosion cracking. Alloy 400 is the most widely used monel material.

Alloy K500 also has outstanding corrosion resistance property like the Monel alloy 400, but the Monel alloy K500 has been added aluminum, which can let the monel K500 offer greater tensile strength and hardness than the Monel alloy 400.

The monel woven wire mesh includes fine woven wire mesh, which has the mesh size larger than 80 meshes, and coarse woven wire mesh with the meshes no larger than 80 meshes.

A roll of monel fine woven wire mesh on the ground.
Monel fine woven wire mesh.
A piece of monel coarse woven wire mesh on the ground.
Monel coarse woven wire mesh.


  • Material: monel 400 and monel K500.
  • Weaving type: plain weave and twill weave.
  • Wire diameter: 0.0021" - 0.028".
  • Mesh size: 8 mesh to 200 mesh.
Item Mesh (Wires/ in.) Wire diameter (in.) Width of opening (in.) Open area (%)
RMN-01 8 × 8 0.0280 0.0970 60.20
RMN-02 10 × 10 0.0250 0.0750 56.30
RMN-03 12 × 12 0.0230 0.0600 51.80
RMN-04 20 × 20 0.0160 0.0340 46.20
RMN-05 30 × 30 0.0130 0.0203 37.20
RMN-06 40 × 40 0.0100 0.0150 36.00
RMN-07 60 × 60 0.0072 0.0090 30.50
RMN-08 80 × 80 0.0055 0.0070 31.40
RMN-09 100 × 100 0.0045 0.0060 30.30
RMN-10 120 × 120 0.0036 0.0047 32.26
RMN-11 150 × 150 0.0026 0.0041 37.20
RMN-12 200 × 200 0.0021 0.0533 33.60


  • Corrosion resistance in the sea water.
  • Corrosion resistance in the chemical solvent.
  • Corrosion resistance in the acidoid, such as hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid.
  • Corrosion resistance in the alkaline matter.
  • Resist to stress corrosion cracking.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Excellent hardness.
  • Long lasting and durable.


  • The monel woven wire mesh has outstanding corrosion resistance features, so it is widely used in the marine industries, such as the piping system and strainer baskets.
  • The monel woven wire mesh can remain a perfect condition in the chemicals, so it is widely used in the petrochemical industries, like the chemical processing equipment and heat exchanger.


Same as the inconel woven wire mesh and nichrome woven wire mesh, the package of monel woven wire mesh has strict package, the commonly package is in the below.

  • Paper tube.
  • Brown paper.
  • Plastic film.
  • Wooden box/ pallet.
Two wooden boxes are filled with monel woven wire mesh rolls.
Monel woven wire mesh in wooden box package.
Several rolls of monel woven wire meshes are packed by a pallet and green packing belt.
Monel woven wire mesh in pallet package.

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