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About Boegger Industech Limited

Established in 2000, Boegger Industech Limited is a recognized manufacturer through 17 years’ efforts and development. Customers from native and abroad turn to Boegger Woven Wire for their woven wire mesh needs. We are proud of supplying the best quality products in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, aerospace and many other fields.

Broad selection of products

We are professional manufacturer of woven wire mesh, we explore the market information and customers’ demands timely, so we can supply more and more products, which suit for the market and requirements of customers. We can supply various materials, different weaving types and products suit for different applications and we can guarantee the products customers received are all reliable, stable and high quality.

  • Copper woven wire mesh.
  • Nickel woven wire mesh.
  • Silver woven wire mesh.
  • Black woven wire mesh.
  • Titanium woven wire mesh.

Helpful and timely service

Service team is a basic equipment of company. We are equipped with professional and enthusiastic service team, which is superior to competitors.

Our pre-service team can give you the helpful advice and suggestion about when you should use the woven wire mesh and what types of woven wire mesh is best for you. They can give a preliminary and complete information about the products. And then the specialized sales representatives will contact you about the details.

If you have any question during using and maintaining, just dial to the after-service team, they will give rapid response, and help to solve the problems you are meeting. Other technical problems they cannot solve, they will response to the technical department in the first time, so that you can get timely response.

Strong and firm package

When the products are ready, we should turn to pack them. Our customers are from all over the world, when we ship the goods to them, many of the sail schedule is long to 1 month or more, it will bear temperature, sea water, cracking and other troubles. To guarantee the products our customers received are complete and in perfect condition, we have a strong and firm package.

Woven wire mesh in rolls

  • Hard paper tube. Burden pressure of woven wire mesh and prevent deformation.
  • Waterproof brown paper. Waterproof, corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Plastic film. Rust resistance and additional protection.
  • Wooden box/ pallet. Protect the woven wire mesh from cracking and impacting.

Woven wire mesh in discs

  • Plastic film/ plastic bag. For waterproof and corrosion resistance.
    • Plastic bag for small sizes discs.
    • Plastic film for large sizes disc.
  • Carton. Corrosion and rust resistance and additional protection.
  • Wooden box/ pallet. Protect the woven wire mesh from cracking and impacting.