Broad Selection of Woven Wire Mesh

EMI Mesh for Screen Panels

Blackened stainless steel or copper mesh supplies excellent EMI shielding performance and high transparency for screens, control panels and windows.

Blackened Stainless Steel Shielding Mesh

Blackened stainless steel shielding mesh has excellent shielding effectiveness and high transparency to be used in military, medical and mechanical industries.

Tantalum Woven Wire Mesh

Tantalum woven wire mesh with stable chemical ability is widely used as filtering materials in chemical, medical and electro-vacuum industry.

L605 Wire Cloth

We can supply L605 wire cloth with 12 mesh to 200 mesh standard sizes. Tailor made services are available as your request.

Other Alloy Wire Mesh

We can supply special alloy woven wire mesh in different chemical and physical properties for your filtering and screening in specific environments.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel wire woven mesh cloth with plain, twill, dutch weave, is suitable for security window screen, and high precision filter elements.

Crime Safe Mesh

Crime safe mesh weaved by stainless steel grade 304 is used to protect doors, windows, patios or pools from intruders, storms or insects invading.

Triple Weave Mesh

Triple weave mesh with durable special crimps is mainly used for various balustrade to protect the safe of person as well as decorate the buildings.

Dutch Weave Woven Wire Mesh

Dutch weave woven wire mesh with plain dutch and twill dutch types is widely used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other areas for filtering.

Reverse Dutch Woven Wire Mesh

Reverse dutch woven wire mesh with stainless or brass materials and unique zero aperture structure is widely used for filtering in petroleum.

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh

Nickel woven wire mesh with silver-white surface has outstanding chemical resistance and stability to be used in filtering and battery production.

Nichrome Woven Wire Mesh

Nichrome woven wire mesh has outstanding oxidation and permeability resistance, which is widely used in the chemical and shipbuilding fields.

Monel Woven Wire Mesh

Monel woven wire mesh is a nickel and copper alloy meshes with excellent corrosion resistance in the acid, alkali and salty environments.

Inconel Woven Wire Mesh

Inconel woven wire mesh with 600, 601, 625 and other types has various features including non-magnetism and corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Hastelloy Woven Wire Mesh

Hastelloy woven wire mesh with best corrosion resistant performance in all metal materials is widely used in the marine and chemical industries.

Titanium Woven Wire Mesh

Titanium woven wire mesh with woven wire, expanded metal and perforated sheet types is widely used in filtering, desalination and mechanical filters.

Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Molybdenum wire mesh made of molybdenum wires or alloy wires has corrosion, heat, electric-conductivity property used in petroleum, oil, gas, food industry.

FeCrAl Woven Wire Mesh

FeCrAl woven wire mesh has outstanding temperature and oxidation resistance performance, which is widely used in the gas and infrared burners.

Silver Woven Wire Mesh

Silver woven wire mesh with best electric and heat transfer thermal conductivity is widely used as battery collector mesh and filtration material.

Black Woven Wire Mesh

Black woven wire mesh with various shapes is widely used in the plastic recycling, rubber and other industries for filtering.

Copper Woven Wire Mesh

Copper woven wire mesh with a 99.8% purity, is non-magnetic and sound insulation to be used for shielding RMI and insulating noise.

Brass Woven Wire Mesh

Brass woven wire mesh has outstanding acid and alkali resistance, which is widely used as the filtration materials in the chemical and other fields.

Phosphorous Bronze Woven Wire Mesh

Phosphorous bronze woven wire mesh with beautiful surface and extremely fine meshes is widely used for filtering and decorating.

Filter Disc

Filter disc with different material, various types and shapes is widely used for filtering liquid and gas in chemical, medicine and other fields.

Sintered Filter Mesh

Sintered filer mesh with filter disc, filter tube and other types is widely used in the petroleum and food industry for filtering liquid and gas.

Tobacco Pipe Filters

Tobacco pipe filters, made of stainless steel or brass material, have discs and elements types to protect pipes and health of smokers.

Bazooka Screen

Bazooka screen with stainless steel material, fine meshes and unique structure is widely used in mash tun, boil kettle for filtering hops and hot breaks.

Woven Wire Kitchenware

Woven wire kitchenware with stainless steel material is widely used in the kitchen for frying, straining and filtering. Click here to get more.

PTFE Coated Wire Mesh

PTFE coated wire mesh, also called Teflon coated wire mesh, is commonly used in filtration system and laboratories. It is hydrophobic & easy to clean.