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Blackened Shielding Mesh – High Transparency, Good Shielding Effectiveness & Good Visual

A piece of blacked stainless steel shielding mesh on white background.

For high mesh density, the mesh generally provides a greater shielding effectiveness than a thin metallic film. Stainless steel wire mesh is used to provide shielding where some degree of optical transparency is desired. The stainless steel shielding mesh is commonly embedded between two layers of glass or acrylic with high transparency (up to 98%), but it is frequently considered visually inferior.

Our blackened stainless steel shielding mesh adopts high quality stainless steel mesh is electrostatically spraying a black material to form a new material with good EMI shielding performance, high transparency and good visual. The blackened shielding mesh is often embedded between other sheets of plastic or glass, or placed on the side not directly accessible (e.g. back side of a monitor screen) in military, mechanical and medical industries.


  • Standards of blackened mesh raw material: Swiss BOPP, German BOPP, and domestic HZPP standards.
  • Blackened mesh standards: High light transmittance (100 mesh transmission coefficient 60, 250 mesh transmission coefficient 40), effective shielding function, uniform blackening color.


  • Material: stainless steel mesh, alloy mesh.
  • Surface treatment: black electrostatic spraying surface treatment.
Table 1: Commonly Specifications of Blackened Stainless Steel Shielding Mesh
Item Mesh Count Wire Diameter (mm) Opening (μm) Width Available (m) Length Available (m)
BSSSM-01 50 × 50 * 0.03 478 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-02 80 × 80 0.025 290 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-03 100 × 100 0.025 230 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-04 100 × 100 * 0.03 220 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-05 120 × 120 0.02 190 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-06 120 × 120 0.03 180 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-07 160 × 160 0.03 130 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-08 160 × 160 0.05 110 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-09 165 × 165 * 0.03 120 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-10 200 × 200 0.05 77 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
BSSSM-11 250 × 250 * 0.03 72 1/1.22/1.5 30/60/100
* is usually used in military.
Blackened Copper Mesh is available too. And the specifications is same.


  • Typical gun-black color with good wear resistance. (the tape cannot stick the color off)
  • Uniform color throughout the batch, clean surface without dirty spots and black spots, high utilization rate.
  • The square resistance is less than 0.1Ω, and the weather resistance is more than 3 months.
  • Can be used to strengthen electronic devices such as computers and electromagnetic shielding cabinets to prevent information leakage.
  • According to customer needs for R & D design or customer processing.
  • Excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, (different window test) data is different.
  • Alloy blackening net is better than stainless steel blackening net at low frequency 14KHZ, 150KHZ, 200KHZ and high frequency 18GHz.


  • In military, the blackened shielding mesh can shield electromagnetic interruption, reduce electromagnetic leakage and safeguard national safety.
  • In mechanical industry, the blackened stainless steel shielding mesh can perfectly match with metal, and metal frames without leakage and refraction. The main instruments include computer display screen, glass shield, plasma TV, high-end instruments, optical physics and other equipment and instruments.
  • In medical industry, the blackened stainless steel shielding mesh is widely used in the CT, MRI and other laboratories to prevent the prevent electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave interference, ensure the normal operation of equipment and protect doctors and patients from being injured by the electromagnetic radiation.
Item Alloy
mesh count
Roll width
Wire 14KHz 150KHz 450KHz 1G 5G 10G 18G
μm Shielding Effectiveness (DB)
Single layer alloy mesh 165 1 60 24 41 83 77 64 57 52
Double layers alloy mesh 165 1 60 28 50 91 103 95 87 58
Place cut squares of blackened stainless steel shielding mesh on the table top

Square blackened stainless steel shielding mesh

Cardboard holds multiple layers of square blackened stainless steel shielding mesh.

Square blackened stainless steel shielding mesh

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